Perimeter Security

iSecure supply Boundray Gard for reliable outdoor detection and protection. The wireless active infrared system allows you to protect an area or the entire perimeter without the inconvenience of digging trenches or laying armored cable.

If the beams are interrupted they trigger an alarm (silent or audible) and contact any number of mobile phones or an alarm-receiving centre.

Thanks to advances in the latest technology and production we can offer a first class solution at what we believe are very affordable prices.

External detection technology without boundaries. Protecting external areas has always been an issue fraught with concerns and challenges for security managers and installers alike. Weather conditions, wild animals, plant life and the public can all impact on the performance, effectiveness and reliability of the technology installed.

Boundary Guard is a new level of flexibility and control with a range of detectors that can be used outdoors and offer the same high-performance usually limited to internal detection systems.

The combination of unique detection area design, on-board technology and site activity analysis provides a new solution for external protection and supplies a wider range of solutions for system designs and applications.

Boundary Guard can be used to complement and improve the performance of existing visually verified systems or can be used autonomously to provide high-stability solutions for independently monitored or local systems. Multiple sites can be networked to provide multi-location management and integrated systems design.

Boundary guard is mainly used to secure:

  • Homes  
  • Buisnesses
  • Building sites
  • Plant & machinery
  • Garages
  • Mobile homes
  • Scaffolding

Metal gates and barred grilles

iSecure believe the primary advantage of a metal gate is the security it offers the premises where it has been installed – both residential and commercial – giving the owner and residents peace of mind. When installed at a home a metal gate also acts as added security for children and pets, and can be shut securely while the door remains open to allow for movement of air. 

Security bars are used for the protection and security of your home or business. They are installed to prevent burglaries and forced entry. Window bars can be fixed either inside or outside the windows, but generally they are fitted on the outside.

These bars are especially useful when fixed onto basement and ground floor windows, as these are most likely to be broken into by burglars. Sometimes just the presence of these security bars can deter intruders.

Window bars can even be visually appealing, and you can choose from a variety of colours that are now available. Keep in mind that security bars should be accompanied by a full home security system including locks, alarms and entry systems, as necessary. Security bars can be installed easily and if your window may be used as an emergency exit it is wise to ensure your bars have a hinged section within them.

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